One thought on “How are women doing?

  1. Michiko,

    Your visualization is effective and graphically clean and ordered. The map is clear in the color scheme, and your rankings are a valuable complement. The interactive approach to breaking out all the countries is a smart way to present the information. The project is a success in terms of visualization, but it could be better in terms of a story. First, the headline is still a label, and needs to be re-tooled to be more compelling and informative. Secondly, readers need to have some text before they dive into the data. Provide a short introductory paragraph that gives the news hook–why should we care about this issue, and why now? (the recent election saw a record number of women elected…)
    You have a good analysis of the survey, but consider breaking it up so that the relevant information only shows up when the reader clicks on each of the buttons.
    It would also be interesting–a way of adding value to this published report–to create a single index for these four factors.

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