Storyboard: New York City’s Noisiest Houses of Worship

I had to scrap the Lyme disease/deer hunter story, because time is getting short and the data I was hoping to use was not readily available.

I’ve decided instead to pursue follow-up story around my earlier mapping project on NYC noise complaints. I was intrigued by a small subset of the complaints tagged “House of Worship.” Types of noise complaints under this category include “banging/thumping” and “loud talking or vocalization.”

Using 311 data available at NYC Open Data, I made a subset database of all noise complaints concerning a house of worship reported between January 1, 2010 and December 3, 2012. The total number of complaints is 3,199.  The project will include three visualizations:

1) A Heat Map of house-of-worship noise complaints across New York City

2) A Top 10 Chart of NYC’s noisiest houses of worship

3) A Graph of the number of religion-related noise complaints, by month. (Summer is the worst time for noise complaints in general, but could December be the noisiest month for this particular category?)

Here is the storyboard– sorry it’s in PDF.

noisy churches_storyboard


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