JOUR 72312 | CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
Data Driven Interactive Storytelling, Fall 2012
Instructors: Russell Chun, Amanda Hickman
Teaching Assistant: Martin Burch

Before our first meeting, please read Journalism in the Age of Data: A Video Report on Data Visualization by Geoff McGhee

Week 1 | AUGUST 29: Defining and Finding Data

Welcome, Course expectations, Finding Data

Due Sept 5
+ Homework: Download and install Google Refine
+ Homework: Find some data
+ Homework: Scrapbook URL

Week 2 | SEPTEMBER 05: Finding the story in your data

Spreadsheets, Google Refine, Fusion Tables
Patterns, outliers, proportions, comparisons

Due Sept 12
+ Homework: Location Information
+ Homework: Spreadsheet Skills

Week 3 | SEPTEMBER 12: Mapping Data

Making basic maps with Google Fusion Tables.

Due Sept 19
+ Homework: Make Your Own Map
+ Reading: Visual Encoding

Week 4 | SEPTEMBER 19: Charting Data

Readable charts, using the right tools for the job, and why typing the words “click here” means you’ve already lost.

Due Oct 3
+ Chart it Three Ways
+ Embed your map
+ On Oct 3 we’ll break into groups for our first team project so be prepared to share your ideas and find partners you’d like to work with.

No Class / SEPTEMBER 26

Week 5 | OCTOBER 03: Pitching and Presenting

Using Hype to create interactivity.
What makes a good pitch?

Due Oct 17
+ Pitches Due (First Team Project)
+ Hype Assignment: Complete a Story
+ Reading: Selection from Tufte

No Class / OCTOBER 10

Week 6 | OCTOBER 17: Information Design

Using space, making conscious decisions about fonts and colors.

Due Oct 24
+ Story Boards Due (First Team Assignment)
+ Design Assignment

Week 7 | OCTOBER 24: Guest Speaker

John Keefe, who leads the data news team at WNYC, will come talk about some of his data projecs.

Due Oct 31
+ Rough Draft Due (First Team Project)

Week 8 | OCTOBER 31: Workshop

Due Nov 7
+ Final Story Due (First Team Assignment)

Week 9 | NOVEMBER 07: Critique

Due Nov 14
+ Post Mortem (First Team Assignment)
+ Revisions Due (First Team Assignment)

Week 10 | NOVEMBER 14: Surveys and Scraping

Due Nov 21
+ Pitches Due (Second Team Project)
+ Scraping Assignment: Extracting Data from PDFfrom a table

Week 11 | NOVEMBER 21: Integrating Rich Media

Due Nov 28
+ Storyboards Due (Second Team Project)

Week 12 | NOVEMBER 28: Guest and Storyboards

Due Dec 5
+ Rough Drafts Due (Second Team Project)

Week 13 | DECEMBER 05: Workshop

Due Dec 12
+ Final Stories Due (Second Team Project)
+ Data Festival Story Presentation

Week 14 | DECEMBER 12: Critique and Final Review

+ Vote on Selectricity for the Data Festival Favorites

Week 15 | DECEMBER 19: Student’s Choice

We’ll decide together on Dec 5 what to do with the last week of class. Possibilities include building a chart in Protovis or D3, trying out Highcharts or digging into Tilemill and CartoDB.

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